IFCA Announces New Effort to Improve NH3 Safety

Today the Illinois Department of Agriculture and the IFCA issued a joint press release announcing the creation of a new web-based training program for anhydrous ammonia safety for farmers.  This innovative new program features video, animation and on-line information pertaining to ammonia properties, protective equipment, equipment hook-up, safe transportation and emergency response.  We are asking ag retailers to let their customers know of the availability of this program to increase awareness and reduce ammonia accidents in Illinois.  Statistics from the IDA show that accidents have increased over the past several years, particularly when farmers are in control of the product.  Employees of ag retail and other commercial ammonia facilities must complete a training course once every three years, but there is currently no training requirement for farmers who take possession of the product. 
The new on-line program was developed by IFCA and IDA personnel and it features an assessment that the user can take to assure their knowledge of ammonia safety.  It takes 30-40 minutes to complete and will print a certificate of completion.  Our industry has been under pressure to improve safety training on anhydrous ammonia, particulary for farmer-customers, and this is a concerted effort to provide that training, free of charge, in a voluntary manner to demonstrate our industry's commitment to safety.  Please encourage your farmer customers to use the program.  Click here to view the press release http://ifca.com/media/Ammonia%20Training%20Program.pdf or view the press release at the IFCA website at www.ifca.com.  This program was funded by the Nutrient Research & Education Council (NREC).