OSHA Checking For PPE Compliance

IFCA recently received a report from a member in northern Illinois regarding a roadside OSHA inspection.  A farmer in northern Illinois was applying anhydrous ammonia this week and as he began switching an empty NH3 nurse tank for a full tank a representative from OSHA approached the farmer in the field.  The farmer was not wearing gloves and goggles as he was hooking the tank to the toolbar prompting the OSHA representative to pull off the side of the road and inform the farmer he needs to wear gloves and goggles when working around anhydrous ammonia.  Although the OSHA representative thought the farmer was a facility employee custom applying anhydrous ammonia it does not change the fact that gloves and goggles must be worn when working around anhydrous ammonia.  Not only is wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) an OSHA requirement, Illinois Department of Agriculture Rules Relating to the Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia state anyone making or breaking an ammonia connection must wear gloves and goggles.  Please take the time to inform customers and employees that it is a requirement to wear proper PPE when handling anhydrous ammonia.  If you have any questions, please contact Kevin at the IFCA office.